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sphere tire

Spherical Tire for rollover protection
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The idea is to have a spherical tire. Along with current rollover systems, this should help reduce sliding out or rolling over. When the car corners and tips at 15 degrees as shown, the same amount of tire will be contacting the ground as always. A regular tire is shown in the diagram. I know tires don't actually look like that but you get the point regardless. See link for diagram.

I think high inflation sohuld take care of any structural problems....but I have no idea. So kill me.

The good man below posted a similar idea. Sorry about that. When I looked through the tire catagory, I only viewed the subcatagories. I thought it was fishy I couldn't just look at Car:Tire, so I guess now I know why. Whoops.

theflinger, Oct 15 2005

(???) Diagram http://flinger.ath....ndom/spheretire.png
Sphere tire [theflinger, Oct 15 2005]

Ball Tire (eng.: tyre) ball_20tire
Along same lines [ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 15 2005]


       Motorcycle (and pushbike) tyres have a round cross section for exactly this reason. I don't think there would be any structural problems with a spherical tyre, but you will end up with a bigger ratio of tyre size to road contact area.
wagster, Oct 15 2005


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