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Safety Tyres

Make it impossible to drive with illegal tyres
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Make the wear indicators on tyres out of metal, make them pointed in shape, with the point sticking inwards. This doesn't come into contact with the road while the tyre is of legal tread depth.

Once the tread wears below the minimum depth, the wear indicator will start hitting the road, making that annoying "stone stuck in the tread" noise which we all know and love. If you continue to ignore the noise, the weight of the car on the wear indicator will force the point through the tyre and give you a slow puncture, which no garage in the world will repair for you, thus forcing you to buy a new (legal) tyre.

And yes, yes, I know the dangers of a deflating tyre at speed; less dangerous than aquaplaning through a crowded town centre on slick tyres, I say...

kmlabs, Feb 08 2005

tire warning Audible_20Tire_20Warning
[shad, Feb 09 2005]

Mandatory Tire Pressure Monitoring http://www.nhtsa.do...resFinal/Index.html
It seems tire pressure monitoring systems will become mandatory in the US. [Acme, Feb 09 2005]


       an illegal tyre? whats that all about
benfrost, Feb 08 2005

       cool idea !!! i give it a croissant
sridhar236, Feb 08 2005

       that is quite extreme!!
shad, Feb 09 2005

       "the weight of the car on the wear indicator will force the point through the tyre and give you a slow puncture"
Does that mean that there's no weight on the tires until they're worn out?

       I remember a commercially produced tire advertised within the last few years that used red rubber in the wear indicator bars. I'm partial to that solution. If the driver can't be bothered to check their tires or have them checked, at least it might be easier for the police to spot worn tires.
half, Feb 09 2005

       The car's not weightless until the tyres wear; the tread blocks on the tyre stop the wear indicator from hitting the road (being sited at the bottom of the grooves, as they are). Once the tread's gone, the wear indicator starts hitting the road.
kmlabs, Feb 09 2005

       But won't the pressure of the tire be the same on the spikes before, and after the tread wears off? I'm thinking maybe they would slowly work their way into the air chamber before the tire wears out, and will end up rattling around in there until the tire does wear out... at which point, the larger hole of the spike's bottom will burst, causing a more rapid deflation of the tire.   

       Maybe these should be bi-conic in shape... or perhaps they could be part of a steel inner wheel, which punctures the tire from the inside out as the tire wears down, thus leading to a slow deflation... although there wouldn't be much warning.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 25 2006


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