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spinning in their graves .com

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SITG.com selects a handful of dead influencing personalities each year for their corpses to be exhumed. The bodies are then stuck on a rotisserie-like mechanism placed in a new coffin fitted with webcams.

Whenever something linked to that particular person is defiled or bastardised, it can be reported to the SITG website which will automatically start spinning the body for all the world to see through the webcams.

The corpse will spin in it's grave for as long as the incident remains "fresh", usually a week.

mrkillboy, Aug 16 2001

Here's a way to power the webcams http://www.halfbake...idea/corpse_20power
[beauxeault, Aug 16 2001]


       Thats put me off "Turkish Kebabs" for a lifetime
Pretoria, Jan 10 2002

       Ha...unabubba...I can see those spinoffs now: (1) the action figures e.g. Barbie's grandmother spinning in her grave. (2) the dj with the twin turntables spinning in the grave (3) Colonel Saunders spinning in the gravy (4) yuppies with undiagnosed heart conditions "spinning" on exercycles in the grave.
grackle, May 27 2002

       I think that technology has probably moved on since this. It could be automated using Google Alerts to set off the rotisserie. It'd take some careful keywords, for each celebrity though. Maybe something like 'Paris Hilton' and 'sainthood' for the former Popes.
hidden truths, Jun 12 2007


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