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Tombstone Advertising

advertising on tombstones
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They put ads for cars in your face when you're standing at a urinal. They put them on the side of buildings, buses, bus-stops, and in your mailbox. They come with your Visa bill, on the back of your receipts and under the windshield wiper of your car. I say go the whole hog and put advertisements on tombstones. Let's see...if the average person has a family of 4 and an extended family of...say...15. And if 10% of this family comes to the cemetary even once a year...well you do the math. That's a lot of exposure for a product! And that doesn't include the people who visit cemetaries as a form of recreation or sociology students doing research. So I say lets slap up ads for florists, for lawyers, for lifestyle coaches and counselors, for...well the list goes on. "Death goes better with X Cola!" "Say it today with a diamond: because you can't take it with you when you go!" "I'm six feet under...but my X watch is still ticking!"
grackle, May 26 2002

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You might get in trouble with these people.. [yamahito, May 27 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       No. Also, the 10% in your example would equal 1.9 people per year seeing the advertising....not worth it.
runforrestrun, May 27 2002

       Or for Fred's Fishing Shop: "I can vouch for Fred's maggots, no bones about it!"
FarmerJohn, May 27 2002

       I'd rather roast in hell than drive a Ford. And if you know something of my employment history, that might be a little curious.
RayfordSteele, May 27 2002

       Coming soon to a theatre near you...Die Hard IV.   

       Lucy's Diner...I'd recommend it...just don't order the salmon bisque.
grackle, May 27 2002

       "Beautyrest mattresses. Hey, it's forever."
phoenix, May 27 2002

       "Where in the world would you dig twenty feets underground for water when you can buy X's mineral water!"   

mailer_daemon, May 27 2002

       Too disrespectful. Its the dead we're talking about here. I don't really consider this an advertizing goldmine.
Chris38183, May 27 2002

       Would work particularly well for tobacco advertising.
jutta, May 28 2002

       Actually, UB, that is almost correct. There is a real tombstone in Arizona that reads:
"Here lies Les Moore
Stopped by a slug from a 44
No less, no more.

       (or are you trying to make an advertising change? If so, <<splat>>, it hit the wall over my head)
runforrestrun, May 28 2002

       My high school buddy's tombstone (he died in a car wreck in his early 30's) has the typical info in the usual places. In the lower left hand corner is a very finely etched, exact copy of the label from a can of Budweiser beer. He wanted it that way.
entremanure, May 28 2002

       entre, would that have been an alcohol-related accident?
RayfordSteele, May 28 2002

       Yep. He knew that it would probably get him, and he went to the trouble to stipulate the carving on his tombstone if he died after drinking and driving.
entremanure, May 28 2002

       Rods: there's a kids horror writer called Tom B. Stone, but I think that might not be his real name.
pottedstu, May 28 2002

       This hole dug and filled by Metro Backhoe - grave diggers in the Metro Area since 1963.
Turf supplied by Green & Green - afterlifetime guarantee.
Casket is our top of the line Platinum Series lined with lush velvet - dial the number on the headstone to speak with a Sales Representative from Foreverest.
Need Brake adjustments? Log onto wishihadbrakes.com (AOL keyword - wishihadbrakes) to find your nearest dealer.
thumbwax, May 28 2002

       Deadeye Dick's Used Spares - specialising in tyres & steering wheels.   

       An affiliate of Deadeye Dick's Scrap Metal Inc.
Milflo, May 28 2002

       Here lies the body of Thaddeus Jay
He died defending his right of way.
He was right--dead right--as he sped aling,
but he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong.
supercat, May 28 2002

       I was just thinking up an idea upon exactly the same lines. If a person agreed to this pre-mortem, then it could generate money for surviving relatives.   

       "I lived to x many years and ate x foodstuffs at least once a week" or
"I may be dead but it wasn't x product that killed me".
hidden truths, Jul 29 2005

       Well, it would allow the advertisers to let loose their morbid side...
froglet, Jul 29 2005


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