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standardized cell-phone Accessories

Battery, ear-piece, charger, data port
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At present none of these (Battery, ear-piece, charger, data port) are interchangeable amongst cellphones. Make it so. Life will be much easier.

I am surprised why no one has demanded it yet ?

VJW, Dec 18 2010

Attempt to standardise chargers http://www.eetimes....interface-standards
[DenholmRicshaw, Dec 18 2010]


       I am a proud non-owner of Blackberries.   

       What about their batteries, chargers, etc ? I believe most of the cellphone batteries charge up to 4.3 V. So why not standardize similar to AA, AAA, CR-39 etc. ?
VJW, Dec 18 2010

       The whole topic of standardisation for cell phone (and other) connectors etc is pretty well-worn...
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 18 2010

       My family's various Sprint phones are now all charged through a mini(? [micro!])-USB port that also acts as the data transfer port. They also all have a standard headset jack. The batteries fail to interchange, but that is seldom a problem (an extra swappable battery with its own charger would be nice, though).   

       My cell-phone salesperson assures me that all chargers will be mini [micro]-USB in a short time.
baconbrain, Dec 18 2010

       //That’d be idiotic// Not from the point of view of the Marketing folks planning to sell everybody new phones all over again when micro- replaces mini- as the new standard.   

       Happy Christmas. Are you doing your part to support the economy, by buying as many consumer goods as possible?
mouseposture, Dec 18 2010

       I should have checked. Yes, I meant mini-USB. Which is why I put a question mark. There will be standardization.
baconbrain, Dec 18 2010

       No way! I am waiting for pico-USB
VJW, Dec 19 2010


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