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stealth cubicle

work avoiding cubicle
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cubicle with sound damping features on the inside and out may also have anti sticky coating (to prevent sticky note assaults) and more preferably the invisiblity option, and walls that match the air temperature so that IR cannot detect you, if somebody got really ambitious and used radar, a wave absorbing skin would suck up the waves or scatter them. this cubicle would be very handy in an office where arbitrury busy work is handed out all too often, and you need to prevent recieving it.
sergeant dukie, Dec 04 2002


       (Laughing at the image of a PHB using a portable RADAR unit to locate his employees)
krelnik, Dec 04 2002

       Boss: "Do you have the disk with the Bettermann account information?"
Worker: "Actually... it got wiped when I accidentally activated ECM in my cube."
Boss: "You're fired."
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 04 2002

       Its been done. Or at least joked about on dilbert. Scot adams was "selling" a line of steath cubicles a few months ago.
IronJeff, Dec 04 2002

       really? id didnt know that....i knew that there was a stealth business suit and i was expanding on that...no idea that adams had thought of that...sorry
sergeant dukie, Dec 04 2002

       <Boss walks the office floor> Cubicle, cubicle, cubicle, radar-absorbent empty space, cubicle, photocopier, cubicle...   

       "Petersen, why is there a radar-absorbent empty space in my building?"   

       I think this might backfire and actually draw extra attention to yourself. Military invisibility is quite a different phenomenon to corporate invisibility.   

       You'd probably be better off using Douglas Adams' (no relation, IronJeff) "Somebody Else's Problem" field. You're still physically visible, but nigh-impossible to notice.
friendlyfire, Dec 05 2002

       Something about your shady past you're not telling us, UB? <g>
friendlyfire, Dec 05 2002

       hmmm, maybe not radar absorbent/scattering, but invisible and invisible to IR as well...and all those other features
sergeant dukie, Dec 06 2002


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