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sticky note wallpaper: sticky note tablecloths

write on your walls: drop food on your tables
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Ever lose your sticky notes? Were sticky notes wall-sized, this problem would be eradicated. Just affix the wall-sized sticky note pad to a wall of your choice and never worry about misplacing a tiny sticky note again.

Table-sized sticky notes would make place mats a thing of the past. Just affix the table-sized sticky note pad to the table of your choice and dump and spill as you so feel led. Feel free to dip your pickle in mustard; draw a picture with it; or feel free to fingerpaint with melted cheese; or feel free to scrawl and scribble indiscriminately. And then after your meal, simply strip the table pad of its top note.

Floor-sized sticky notes would eradicate one's need to mop. Simply select a rug design of your choice ... or simply choose traditional yellow. This floor would be child and pet friendly.

Bed-sized sticky notes would eradicate one's need to wash sheets; we, however, might call these sticky sheets.

the anguished doodle, Dec 09 2007


       Perhaps we could adjust the thread count of sticky note sheets in order to arrive at a measure of comfort.
the anguished doodle, Dec 09 2007

       this was actually done on American Inventor Episode 3 - [except for the sticky part].   

       a 76 year old retired teacher's invention was "disposable bedding" and her target market was the nursing home industry.   

       3 of the judges said YES, the one english judge threw her stuff calling it rubbish.   

       while it may eradicate your need to wash sheets, i think it comes at too great a cost - trees.
pyggy potamus, Dec 10 2007

       You're right, I think, sticky sheets come at too great a cost. I love trees. Though, perhaps we could recycle the sticky notes/sheets?
the anguished doodle, Dec 11 2007

       I used to watch this show where people would go to hotels and check out if they were clean. They discovered that one major hotel chain’s room had all sorts of bodily fluids on its sheets, walls, and ceilings [I still wonder how it got there].   

       I like the rationale behind your idea. As for applications, post-it type disposable sheets would preserve standards of hygiene and increase disposal efficiency in environments where bodily fluids come into play like examination tables, hotel beds, etc. I believe that some clinics and laboratories already make use of disposable paper; it comes with its own dispenser attached to one side of the bed.   

       Traveling salesmen would love your product. If you made it from recycled paper – it’d be wonderful.   

       [note: this should not be under the category business:cubicle, check out the product category.]
pyggy potamus, Dec 11 2007

       A restaurant chain, noted for their casualness, has tableclothes made of parcel-paper, and on each table next to the condiments is a cup holding a bunch of crayons.
FlyingToaster, Dec 11 2007

       Love it.
the anguished doodle, Dec 12 2007

       [FT] I used to work at a restaurant that did that. It saved a lot of cost on linens.
nomocrow, Dec 12 2007


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