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sticky tennis racket

A racket with asymetrical strings
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This tennis racket string would have half an elipse(down major axis ) in cross-section . The straight side of the string would be filled with hooks , like in velcro . The oval side would remain smooth .

When strung in the racket this string makes the racket have two sides with completely different stroke properties allowing players a wider choice of shots . speed / straight versus slower /spinnier

? Just an idea . Although, you would have to be good at spinning your racket .

wjt, May 15 2008

US6117383 http://v3.espacenet...C&IDX=US6117383&F=0
tennis racket string with textured surface [xaviergisz, May 15 2008]


       Not bad
GutPunchLullabies, May 15 2008

       Put double sided sticky tape on my ping pong bat once. Got great spin.
zeno, May 16 2008


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