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Skating Tennis

Adaptation of tennis capitalising on the slipperiness of tennis courts
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The grass at Wimbledon has for some reason been more slippery than usual this year, constituting a problem for the players. This problem could be made into a solution, or suggests another game which eliminates the problem.

Two variants then:

Firstly, instead of, I dunno, planting less slippery grass, changing the way it's cut, rolled, watered or whatever, do the opposite: find out why the grass is slippery and make it ever slipperier. Then design a tennis shoe which is more likely to slip than the ones currently being worn, with no tread for example, maybe with teflon soles or something, and provide requisite elbow and knee padding. Then continue to play tennis but treat it more like an ice-based game like ice hockey or curling, but for the summer and without refrigeration.

Secondly, get rid of the grass and replace it with a system of rails including points, whereupon travel a pair of overshoes into which the players insert their ready-shod feet. In order to play, one must skate around the court, reaching junctions and altering the points with levers in order to reach the ball, which is not now a normal tennis ball but a kind of floaty, inflatable beachball-type thingy, giving the players time to journey across the court and allow it to reach their rackets.

nineteenthly, Jul 11 2021


       Tennis on ice would solve all the problems. Have this morsel [+]
xenzag, Jul 11 2021

       Tennis on Ice-IX in an extremely pressurised environment perhaps. But thanks.
nineteenthly, Jul 11 2021

       tennis hockey
pashute, Jul 11 2021


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