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tennis ball stampers

tennis balls full of ink
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each time the ball hits the clay or the grass, an imprint is left on the ground from the ink inside the ball. players and linesmen will know immediately if a ball is in or out.

well done, Rafa btw.

po, Jul 04 2010

Arf, Arf, Ickkk... Ball_20Dogs
Maybe meat flavored and non-toxic ink? [blissmiss, Jul 04 2010]


       Of course, advertisers will sponsor balls...   

       "It's obvious to me, Frank, that the FedEx/Nike/IBM ball hit just outside the line..."
normzone, Jul 04 2010

       and ...? Rafa has the muscles :)
po, Jul 04 2010

       I suppose rackets, pockets, and the hands of players and ballboys will gun up with ink as well.
DrWorm, Jul 04 2010

       But what about the ball dogs? Would the dye be toxic?
blissmiss, Jul 04 2010

       How will they be cleaned off for the next match?
vincevincevince, Jul 05 2010

       non toxic, water soluble ink.   

       ball dogs? you mean dogs that like to chase tennis balls - they can have the traditional ones.
po, Jul 05 2010

       After a spirited set won't the ink from the balls leave the players' racquets a drippy ink mess?
jurist, Jul 05 2010

       Hell yes...[+]
blissmiss, Jul 06 2010

       Erm, if this could be modified so it would only leave a mark on the area outside the court you might have something (starch and phenolphthalein maybe?).   

       As for the ball dogs, I really want to see that implemented. I am sure that a big match could afford to just let the dogs keep the slobbery balls, or even auction them off for charity.
baconbrain, Jul 06 2010


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