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stretched gloves

Database all gloving videos, Use AI sort and short the data set into the spectrum tree of putting on a glove.
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I just thought it would be interesting to see an half a second elite profession verses two or three fumbling tries. The AI is there to pick the optimum.

The AI might even suggest an outside of the envelope, fashionable gloving motion.

wjt, Jan 04 2022

Wikipedia: Gloving https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gloving
Dancing with LEDs attached to fingertips of gloves, part of rave culture. [jutta, Jan 04 2022]

Gloving video https://youtu.be/aSFpvdaD2oI
Hmm - quite entertaining actually [Frankx, Jan 05 2022]

Degloving: https://www.google....12&bih=612&dpr=2.63
Very nasty [pertinax, Jan 05 2022]


       This is the best glove-stretching-watching idea so far posted this year.
pocmloc, Jan 04 2022

       Mind you don't include any degloving videos by accident. That would be bad.
pertinax, Jan 04 2022

       There's potential for an OJ Simpson joke here.
xaviergisz, Jan 04 2022

       AI can't pick out an optimum unless it gets training data for what "optimum" means. How do you propose rating the videos?
jutta, Jan 04 2022

       It sounds as though we're optimising for speed, doesn't it?
pertinax, Jan 05 2022

       Amazing, E.T. would be proud. Although, an offset, relative moving light might accentuate finger lights and may make the observer look wider in the frame. [Frankx] That video is a bit suspect at the end.   

       [Jutta] Quickest to cover hand volume? The rarest case would be the glove obscures the hand perfectly, in multiple video frames.   

       What I was thinking was the most optimal gloving action, so probably the most streamlined volume movement of glove to cover hand volume. A modelled build using voxels, particles or polygons. Then a reduction to path spline.Just imagining.
wjt, Jan 07 2022

       Spray gloves
pocmloc, Jan 07 2022

       [pocmloc]; dipping your hand into a bucket of "glove solution" would give a more uniform coverage (& probably quicker too...).
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 07 2022

       That would be stretching solutions.
wjt, Jan 23 2022


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