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stroller side parenting tips/texts

rather like duct taping a phone to an infant stroller and then having software autotweet gentle good advice
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The stroller side text display says things like "read to them" or "speak gently" or "Got omega 3s?" As well as hundreds more

Aphorisms that are researcher measured as being beneficial are accumulated and could be retweeted to the strollerside

beanangel, Jan 16 2017


       I was trying to think of a way to automatically generate 100 aphorisms or instructions. Perhaps at a different annotation.   

       The Myers Briggs test suggests why strollerside tips might be especially beneficial. Apparently 2/3 of the population is measured to be P, which approximately means spontaneous and non procedural.   

       Periodic reminders of things people already know could particularly benefit that 2/3 of the population.   

       Also, relatively rapidly, actual parents could be measured with ESM (Experience Sample Monitoring; thing beeps, parents record what they are actually doing) to find 90th or 99th percentile parenting ability. Basically you would look at successfully raised 11 year olds, while doing ESM on a few hundred parents to find out what it is they actually did, moment to moment, to get those high percentiles of benefit for their children.   

       Then, as previously stated, spontaneous P persons could be cued to do the same kinds of things more frequently.
beanangel, Jan 17 2017

       <In the distance, a dinner bell rings..>
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2017


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