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theft guilt

easy way to recognize bike thieves
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we've all seen scum riding on new bikes. people that look like they can't afford mcdonald's riding $1000 bikes. it's a big problem in my art school town. maybe we can't prove them stolen, but it's fun to scream and point 'hey!that's my bike!" just to watch them tear off and away. maybe they'll be a cop around. i've done this several times with the satisfaction of seeing a crackhead almost s#!t himself trying to flee. even if it's not your bike,scream like it is, because it sure as hell isn't thiers!
trav2, Jul 25 2001


       this may not prevent your bike from being stolen, but...   

       on a piece of paper write the note "this bike is stolen. please call the police. the serial number is #####" and put it inside the head tube (you'll have to remove the handle bars first). that way, if the bike is ever taken to a shop for repairs, there is a chance that it will be recovered. of course, you'll have to have a copy of the serial number to give to the police when the bike is stolen.   

       just don't forget that the note's in there when you take your bike to the shop :o)
mihali, Jul 25 2001

       My pastry's really for mihali's idea.
Rhetoric, Sep 13 2002

       I was that guy................
theThinker, Mar 24 2003


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