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super economic central heating

the easy way to tackle global warming and stay warm for free
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This is dedicated to primitive forms a central heating and the common bloke who can't pay the ever rising bills it works like this. There's a shoot from your bin to a large metal room under your house in wich a fire will be lit by a spark and fueled by any falemable garbage you put in a spiecle section of the bin for flameable garbage, beside this there is a big red shiny button (oooohhh my favorite!) that sets of a spark that restarts the fire and re-heats your house.
crash, Dec 07 2008

Selchp http://www.selchp.com/
South East London Combined Heat and Power - a huge waste burning power station. [wagster, Dec 07 2008]


       Spelling: shoot=chute, falemable=flammable, spiecle=special, of=off   

       How do you prevent people from tossing things down the burn chute that (a) are toxic or really smelly when burned (b) explode?
jutta, Dec 07 2008

       so a trash burner then. This is soooo baked. Why don't big buildings have incinerators anymore? Pollution. They were really really nasty even before everything was coated in plastic, and yes people did throw inappropriate items in the incinerator chute. I hope to high heavens that most people would recognize that producing enough waste material to heat your home is horrifyingly wasteful and instead of producing novel ways of disposing of it we should reduce the wastage.
WcW, Dec 07 2008

       This can be done, but to do it without causing a lot of pollution requires a) a *very* high temperature fire and b) complicated air cleaners in the chimney. That's why it's cheaper to build one complicated and expensive machine and take the waste to it, then to build one for every house.   

       Have a look at Selchp (link) - it does exactly that.   

       And you will be tested on your spelling!
wagster, Dec 07 2008

       don't get me wrong, i think incineration is a crucial part of the modern waste disposal scheme, just not on a home by home basis.
WcW, Dec 07 2008

       I think a bioreactor would serve the purposes of waste disposal and home heating while being more environmentally friendly than an incinerator. A bioreactor is essentially a rapid composting system. When fed the right ingredients, a bioreactor will maintain a temperature of about 50°C and will produce methane which could be used to heat the home.
xaviergisz, Dec 08 2008

       /prevent...explode/ And where would the fun be in that?
david_scothern, Dec 08 2008

       There is an idea on the 'bakery for solar tar stills, either [Vernon] or [Unabubba]. High pressure and significant (anaerobic) heat will distill most compounds into water, hydrocarbons (gas or liquid), and a bit of waste.   

       Willy-nilly setting things on fire is what got us into this mess in the first place...   

       Else, buy a Delorean!
4whom, Dec 08 2008

       //Else, buy a Delorean!//   

       Capital idea! Simly use Mr. Fusion and the flux capacitor to convert bananna peels into 80,000 gigawatts of power.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 08 2008


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