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Tailgate No-Tel

Camouflage tent with TV for watching the Big game undetected
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You’ve got your beer and your chips. The Big game is on, your team is about to score and you hear “Morris, take out the garbage.” What you need is the Tailgate No-Tel.

The Tailgate No-Tel is a camouflage tent with a 54inch flat screen TV hooked to your favorite cable or dish network. We’ll come out on a Saturday when your wife is at her mothers and put it up in your backyard. We tailor the camouflage to suit and add optional insulation for Northern climates. We plug in the camouflage extension cord and you’re all ready to go.

All you need to add is the Really-Lazy-Boy Recliner (link) and you’re ready for Super bowl weekend, The World Cup, The Stanley Cup Finals, March Madness, the World Series or the Webb Ellis Trophy presentation at the Rugby World Cup.

The larger Party model includes soundproofing, a side entrance and for the more adventurous add the queen size blowup mattress or a life-size blowup doll if you're more pathetic.

theGem, Oct 25 2008

Really-Lazy-Boy Recliner Really-Lazy-Boy_20Recliner
[theGem, Oct 25 2008]

are you retarded or something? http://news.bbc.co....cricket/default.stm
you are more pathetic [zeno, Oct 26 2008]


       I don't get it. If you're going to watch TV outside on the back of your pickup truck, why not just drive some place where you don't have to listen to your nag of a wife harping on you about the garbage. Or better yet just drive to the local sports bar and watch it in the warm and dry confines there. Or even better explain to your wife that you're watching the game, she needs to pipe down while it's on and bring you another beer and perhaps a sammich.
Noexit, Oct 27 2008

       I personally prefer cursing at my favorite team in the comfort of my own home. Sitting in a Sports Bar and listening to 48 drunks cursing at 12 games all going on at the same time leaves something to be desired.
theGem, Oct 27 2008

       You're right, Noexit, just leave or try to tame the shrew. However, Gem's solution is useful for pussy-whipped agoraphobics.
MauiChuck, Oct 31 2008

       isn't this why garden sheds were invented?
po, Oct 31 2008

       [po] Do you have a flat screen TV in your garden shed or is it just a place to curse?
theGem, Oct 31 2008

       both really and a beer fridge
po, Oct 31 2008

       That nice! A loaf of bread, can of beer and petunia beside me!
theGem, Oct 31 2008

       Divorce whoever is rude enough to dish out orders like that?
Custardguts, Nov 03 2008

       //she needs to pipe down while it's on and bring you another beer and perhaps a sammich//   

       <Raises glass> Here, here. </Rg>   

       By the way, that link is not really relevant, [Zeno]. Cricket is not a real sport.
MikeD, Nov 03 2008

       gird your loins and say "I'm watching the game"
Voice, Apr 25 2010


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