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super flats

super flats
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quick idea....

tiny flats with ultra ultra function furniture (folding out bed....folding out bathroom...office space...etc.) 30/40m2.. maybe smaller. The idea is low cost....but very affordable...in a time of housing crisis.

undecided888, Jun 01 2009

micro compact home http://www.microcompacthome.com/
Just one example of a very crowded, if compact, field. [Aristotle, Jun 01 2009]

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       Don't the Chinese already have these? And others in Asia and very populated areas of the world.
blissmiss, Jun 01 2009

       I'm pretty sure I saw this in the movie The Fifth Element, 1997.
Laughs Last, Jun 01 2009

       Go to Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, any ultra high density city.
4whom, Jun 01 2009

       There are even instances where this has expanded into the time dimension. People working complimentary shifts share accomodation.
4whom, Jun 01 2009

       I lived in one of these bedroom/kitchen/bathrooms.   

       Cheap to air-condition. Still quite expensive to rent.
ericscottf, Jun 01 2009


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