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supermarket skiing

'price check aisle 5' - 'hang on i'll just grab the toboggan'
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This remarkable shopping area is in fact filled with snow - and groceries. Customers must take a chairlift to the front door wearing skis or snowboards, and with a firm push they slide on an ever downwards run through a food display slalom grabbing pop tarts, mangoes, champignons and other assorted items until they swoosh into the cash register. A draggable cart is tied about the waist and if you forget something - there is only one thing for it - you must start again from the top.

Large dogs wander the aisles with a price checking barcode scanner tied to their collars, in the shape of a barrel of rum.

This is not only a fun way to shop, but will prevent frozen food perishables from spoiling.

benfrost, Dec 08 2004


       Well, at least the beer would be cold.....too cold, probably.
normzone, Dec 08 2004


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