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Name your own price surgery
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I got Lasik surgery for only $65 per eye!

A website that takes Priceline's bottom line price model to allow people to post what they are willing to pay for a surgery procedure. Doctors provide what minimum amount they are willing to do a procedure for.

While the surgery client can select the price they can only request the level of expertise the doctor has, the location of the surgery (it might need to be done in the Virgin Islands), or the number of days allowed in a hospital bed for recovery. The system provides a suggested bid amount for their triple heart bypass, brain tumorectomy, or finger reattachment microsurgury. It would be a new alternative for the millions of people without healthcare today who need to figure out some way to get urgent medical care when they need it.

dhousman, Oct 12 2004


       Something about being operated on by the lowest bidder bugs me. [-]
Letsbuildafort, Oct 12 2004

       Heart bypass? Just how long do these auctions last, and what if you lose the first few because your bids were too low? And then can't make any more bids because you're dead?
phundug, Oct 12 2004


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