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tacky sms

for those who appeciate tacky cards and postcards
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for birhtdays and other special occasions i usually go down to my local corner shop, pick up a totally unrelated card and give it to the lucky friend. the card can be "to my one and only husband", "finally married", "the new puppy", something completely disjointed from the occasion to celebrate.

there should be a library of set sms in the mobile memory which are catalogued in specific sections, like "wishes", "apologies", "delays", etc...., and are written in a very conventional style. the idea would be to use this repertoire of set and conventional sms in the ordinary communication with people, so if some one asks you "what u up to?" you can go to the "couples" section of your mobile library and pick as the reply to be sent "darling, the kids are already sleeping and the dish washer is still not working. dont be late tonight".

janet2, Feb 27 2004




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