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SMS with suggested response/validation metadata

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What would be nice, especially for automated SMS services... is if you could include suggested response metadata.

This would be useful for say apple iwatch or android wear, in that you can define recommended responses that the user should reply with.


"Are you going to the appointment tomorrow? Yes or No?", Where the metadata would includes these suggested messages ["Yes", "No"].

You could also add validation logic, e.g. pop a warning if you input incorrect data.

Heck if you want to be smart about this, you could even include an entire "response" tree, which would increase responsiveness of common questions/commands.

But ultimately, it would allow you to reply quicker from your phone or watch.

mofosyne, Sep 27 2017


       Actually quite a sensible and practical idea (re-reads idea, looking for the catch...)
hippo, Sep 27 2017

       this is total meltdown for teenagers I love you more [No, I love you more]
beanangel, Sep 28 2017


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