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tarp clip retractable

a tarp clip that comes with a retractable line - no more fumbling with bungy cords and ropes
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How many times have you gone camping, and had to erect a tarp over your campsite? How painful was trying to find enough rope/bungy to do the job right? What if we had a retractable clip - that stays attached to the tarp - that you pull like a dog's leash when you want to erect the tarp?
linda pond, Apr 07 2010

Like This? http://www.farmtek....ening;pgcc4595.html
Tarp Tie Down Clips... [Boomershine, Oct 23 2010]

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       [+] built in bungee cordage.
FlyingToaster, Apr 07 2010

       //some new product thats not even out yet.//   

       If it were "out" it wouldn't be IN THE HALFBAKERY.   

       (Although, I'm pretty sure it's baked and "out".)
Boomershine, Oct 22 2010

       [linda pond] has posted one other anno and this idea - I think we neglected to say "Welcome to the halfbakery".   

normzone, Oct 22 2010

       [21], then we wouldn't need the halfbakery.
normzone, Oct 22 2010

       Yeah, [21], then you'd have to actually attach the cord to the tarp. I love the simplicity of this idea - grab the corner and drah it, and it bungees out. A good start from you, [linda pond] - keep it coming! [+]
pocmloc, Oct 22 2010

       These [link] aren't retractable, but I think would look and do pretty much the same. Good idea, obviously, but also pretty much baked.
Boomershine, Oct 23 2010


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