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tent heater

pour water in it and get warm
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Take a metal coil. On one end is a one- way valve. Water can go in, but it can't get out. Water drips in through the valve via a bit of heat-resistant hose from a bag tied up in a tree.

The coil has a two-foot metal stem on the other end that is also connected to several feet of heat-resistant hose. This hose is connected to a metal can that is so designed as to have a lot of surface area (radiator fins or a star-shaped cross- section).

Another hose is attached to the other end of the can.

The coil is buried in the coals of a fire. The dripping water turns to steam, heats the can. The can is hung in the tent. A length of tubing directs any remaining steam or condensed water from the can and out of the tent.

It should be self-regulating. If pressure builds in the coil, it will go towards the can. If there is no pressure in the can, more water will drip in.

If anyone can think of any reason why this is obviously frightfully dangerous, please let me know.

nomocrow, Jul 22 2008



       I'd like it more if it didn't involve the whole, scalding hot water hanging overhead while I sleep, thing.   

       I can't see myself taking this contraption with when I go hiking, steeing it up every night. Sleeping bags will give enough temperature comfort in most climates. Tent heating would only be needed in the most cold environments. Environments that don't really encourage making a campfire to begin with. ( like when you're camping on ice)
zeno, Jul 22 2008

       If you are really looking for an easy way to heat a tent, just wrap a hot rock or two from your fire in a towel, (many wraps, and no, it won't light the towel on fire), you can even stuff one down into the bottom of your sleeping bag, but if you do this make sure to duct tape the towel to keep it from unravelling.   


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