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the 8 day week

sunday / monday / tuesday / wednesday / thrusday / friday / saturday / LOUFDAY
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We could all use a longer weekend. The years go by so fast and I keep getting older, I'd prefer to stay twenty-four for as long as possible. I've named the 8th day of the week "Loufday". Finally I can finish all those things I intended to do on Sunday (and thus begins the vicious cycle).
julien, Aug 25 2000

Why are there seven days in a week? http://www.straight...lassics/a2_166.html
The Straight Dope from Cecil Adams, as well as a brief list of historical alternatives (none of which was 8 days in length, though). [jutta, Aug 25 2000]


       Actually... "they" would just make us work 6 days instead of 5. we'd still only have a 2 day weekend... (always the optimist...)
ember, Aug 29 2000

       you're probably right, unless we could convince all retail companies that LOUFDAY is the official weekly shopping holiday! or something or other...(always the consumer)
julien, Aug 29 2000

       8days-week suck, make it 14days-week.
enveekaa, Aug 29 2000

       damn Pills. hahahahharharhar
julien, Sep 05 2000

       Yep, there's a Beatles song "Eight days a week/I love you/Eight days a week/Is not enough to show I care" and so on.   

       3 day weekend is certainly a good idea, but I tend to agree with ember that it is more likely to be a 6 day workweek :(   

       10 day week is simply too long... I wouldn't want to work 7 days, despite the 3 day weekend. Imagine a Tuesday (my least favourite day) morning if you had 6 more to go instead of just 4.
danilom, Nov 28 2000

       Actually, the math for this doesn't work very well. There are 365 days a year (solar rotation) divided by 8 days = 45 weeks + 5 days. Breaking that down into months doesn't work very well.   

       Unfortunately 7 divides better into 365, which is, IMO, why they really chose that many days, rather than the whole "god rested" thing.
ElectraSteph, Nov 28 2000

       No, ElectraSteph, you're thoroughly wrong. 7 does not divide 365, and months don't have anything to do with weeks, and "only having 1 left over instead of 5" isn't useful, and your opinion would do well to be supplanted by the facts (or at least more learned speculation).   

       I'm allowed to be this harsh because I posited the "7 divides 365" argument once myself. I have no idea why I thought 7 divided 365. "All odd numbers divide each other, right?"
egnor, Nov 29 2000

       Why not have five days per week? It would evenly divide 365 days into 73 weeks. Although, five doesn't evenly go into 28 days per month (like on the thirteen month calendar).
1a2b3c4d, Jan 21 2001


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