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the mumPad

A Baby sleeping pad that mimics the heartbeat and breathing pattern of mum
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Using an airbladder, the pad can move up and down at a frequency akin to mother's breathing pattern. A simple transducer will softly play mum's heart beat near the head of child.

The pad itself should be contoured as if the child is sleeping on mum/dad's chest and should be equally warm.

goodmars, May 13 2013

Fake Mom Breath SIDS prevention
[xaviergisz, May 13 2013]


       Brilliant! Needs to be part heating-blanket also, to mimic Mom's skin temp.   

       Also, make it programmable to be warm and purr like a kitty, for kids who like animals better than people.   

       Program 3: car motion, white-noise motor sounds.   

       Program 4: clothes dryer sound and rocking motion.
Sgt Teacup, May 13 2013

       My first impression was negative, like cheating a baby.   

       But, many children must spend their first days at a neonatal intensive care unit, inside an incubator. I think would be brilliant used for this purpose [+]
piluso, May 13 2013

       <oohing adoringly> Would bioelectromagnetics be important to an infant resting skin to skin?
wjt, May 21 2013


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