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Christmas tree hanger
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If you have pets or small children, you have to worry about them knocking the Christmas tree over, potentially causing themselves harm or worse, breaking the ornaments.

Enter the Christmas Tree Hanger. It is a decorative star ornament which attaches securely to the top of the Christmas tree via a set-screw, and has a loop which slips over a hook installed on the ceiling. In this manner, the Christmas tree hangs from the ceiling, making it un-knock-downable. A large water reservoir fastens to the bottom of the tree and adds weight at the base. The water reservoir has a hole in the side for easy filling.

Searching the archives, I found a somewhat similar idea in the "Reverse Tree Hanger" but that one has the tree hanging upside-down which would make me think that the owner was celebrating the birth of the anti-Christ.

jsalmon, Dec 04 2007

Upside-down Christmas tree http://www.johnlewi...429820/Product.aspx
[hippo, Dec 09 2007]


       After your first paragraph, I thought this ws going to be a clip that lets you hang pets and/or small children from the Xmas tree, just to keep them out of the way.
lostdog, Dec 04 2007

       Not a bad idea, although I can imagine that kids (and cats) would quickly get the "hang" of swinging on the Christmas tree. I can also picture broken ornaments, harmed kiddies and a large hole in the ceiling just in time for Christmas!   

       Perhaps a better idea would be a tree that remains on the floor, with a thin, strong, nearly invisible wire that runs to the ceiling hook. You might even have some sort of decorative star-burst design or twinkle lights to hide the wire.....
jdlaugh, Dec 04 2007

       That is how I read this.   

       I'd bun this if it proposed hanging the tree *upside-down* from the ceiling.
hippo, Dec 04 2007

       Urrr, ummm.. if you meant for the tree to be on the floor, then disregard my comments. If so, perhaps "hanger" isn't the right term here.
jdlaugh, Dec 04 2007

       // a clip that lets you hang pets and/or small children from the Xmas tree, //   

       Oooh, nice ! Where can we get them ?
8th of 7, Dec 04 2007

       // a clip that lets you hang pets and/or small children from the Xmas tree, // Wouldn't that be better on the upside down Christmas tree? What better way to celebrate the birth of the Anti-Christ?
MisterQED, Dec 04 2007

       //... tree hanging upside down from the ceiling//   

       a hanukkahndelabra ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 11 2007


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