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Umbrella Xmas Tree

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The Umbrellas Xmas tree consists of concentric. downwards-facing umbrella canopies: largest on the bottom, a series of gradually smaller shells, and an itty-bitty one at the top.

Unfurl and open the brightly coloured domes with a single action, fold out the telescoping legs, then attach a power cord to light up the trunk-embedded LED's modest light show.

The smaller models can be used as umbrellas, albeit with no guarantee of not going all 'Mary Poppins' in a light wind.

No or little relation to the artificial trees where the branches fold up... and yes I know it's odd it hasn't been baked yet. § x1

FlyingToaster, Dec 18 2009


       so not the grinch style tree but a fabric product?
dentworth, Dec 18 2009

       Turn it upside down and you could collect the needles when they fall off.
skinflaps, Dec 18 2009

       maybe they should be patterned umbrellas, with images of pine branches and ornament balls, and a gold garland edging. that way it can be ready for santa in a snap! this sounds cool, Bun for you.
-wess, Dec 18 2009

       The outdoor version should be built into an silo, so that it can emerge from the ground and open with the press of a button. [+]
swimswim, Dec 18 2009

       [+] Very cool idea.
outloud, Dec 18 2009


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