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topple people without harming them and catch them
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This device has a soft rope that is thrust toward the rioter's legs, and ties itself around them, quickly filling up a mattress with air, airbag style, under their legs, and finally yanking the rioters off their feet.

The rioter is then pulled towards the anti-riot police lines and safely released away from the violent demonstration or, if determined from the cameras as a violent protester, is arrested for throwing a crowbar at the police.

In war, this could be useful for sides that are officially on the defense and who wish to increase the number of enemy prisoners rather than the dead body count.

pashute, May 09 2022

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       Is this *device* like a trebuchet, maybe a toaster,   

       or a lawnmower? Whilst it seems like it could be a   

       good idea, your first sentence makes me so   

       confused I don’t know where the soft rope comes   

       from and how it gets thrust towards rioter’s legs.   


       Usually rioters are running around and this seems   

       like you need them to stand in one place for quite   

       a while to unravel a mattress.
xandram, May 09 2022

       Maybe its for slow well-behaved rioters. You just shoot the quick running around ones?
pocmloc, May 09 2022

       I suspect "airbag style" is they key phrase here. The idea has merit. How to ensnare people without harm to either the target nor the user.   

       If it is legal to fire rubber bullets into a crowd, then surely a few airbag traps would also be allowed.   

       The idea of towing people away so they are dispersed sounds better than zip ties, pepper spray and arrests.   

not_only_but_also, May 10 2022

       unrealistic and dangerous [+] although not as dangerous as rubber bullets.
Voice, May 10 2022

       //In war, this could be useful for sides that are officially on the defense and who wish to increase the number of enemy prisoners rather than the dead body count.//   

       You do realise that most battle casualties are caused by high explosive, often launched from distances as large as 70km, or dropped from the air, right? Stalin once described artillery as "The God Of War"   

       Up close and personal is not terrible realistic, any longer.
UnaBubba, May 11 2022

       I do wonder why we bother with tanks nowadays. Which is odd, considering my career.
RayfordSteele, May 11 2022

       what is your career?
pashute, May 20 2022

       [xand], I'm not sure myself. First | thought it would look like an automatic floor cleaning irobot but then thought it would probably better be thrown by a police-person. (if that's what they are called today).
pashute, May 20 2022


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