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Controlled by a bicycle inside, it looks and runs like a van
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You run the pedals, and get full power of a van. You move the bicycles steering wheels, and get the power steering of the van. But you get to work after a good workout, and by the push of a button, the roof is moved out and you are revealed to open air (with a window in front so eyes are safe).

A safety system has to be developed, so that you are similar to a van driver (who has seatbelt, airbag and car safety structure).

Its almost a bicycle experience, but takes you and your family places.

When reaching your destination, you simply take the bicycle out of its hinge, and ride from the parking lot to work.

pashute, Nov 30 2008

Nothing like this http://www.youtube....watch?v=pSwig1tgUtY
Pedal powered car gets pulled over. (In my case its a real motor powered car) [pashute, Dec 03 2008]

Nore anything like this http://www.humancar.com/
Human powered car (mine is only controlled by a bycicle) [pashute, Dec 03 2008]

Finally! Someown baked half of the idea! http://www.youtube...._1k&feature=related
Motorcycle with pedal control [pashute, Feb 23 2010]


       and of course the bike is tilted when you turn, so you get the true feel of it. Hand brakes stop the van etc...
pashute, Nov 30 2008

       Can you drive this in cycle lanes ? [+]
8th of 7, Nov 30 2008

       Why make it look like a van? I'd quite like to cycle to work in a giant ant, or a life-size elephant.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 30 2008

       Are you proposing using the energy from your cycling to power the movement, or using the mechanics of the bike as an 'interface', with the original van engine, suspension etc? ----- Sorry, didn't fully read the summary!   

       Having the vehicle feedback the work the engine is having to do might teach some van drivers to be a bit kinder to their vehicles though!   

       You could also put limiters on the bicycle lean (matched of course by the van's steering, giving you a balanced position within the cab), meaning the driver couldn't damage his goods/tip the vehicle through 'enthusiastic cornering', despite the back roads now being the fun way to work!   

       Gets a croissant from me!
Skrewloose, Dec 01 2008

       Request for drawing. Anybody?
pashute, Dec 03 2008

       Forgive me for being boring, but why? I mean, as a novelty experience it's cool, but otherwise why not just have a normal van with a bicycle in the back?
5th Earth, Feb 13 2009

       Because driving long drives gets on everybody's nerves. Sitting for two hours in traffic, or even for a half an hour drive in normal traffic, you are stuck in a chair and hardly move.   

       In order to start from very slow, or from a complete stop, you can set it up so that you really have to press hard on the pedals (you would get the feeling almost like you were actually pushing the van with your own energy).
pashute, Feb 23 2010

       Does the mechanical energy that the driver produces actually help move the vehicle?   

       And, if so, would there be some sort of setting whereby the driver's energy alone (without the engine running) could move the vehicle (for example, if one runs out of gas)?
goldbb, Feb 23 2010

       No, the mechanical energy can be used perhaps to help out with an electric generator (dynamo) but I don't think it will be very efficient. Also I don't think a single person could get a real van moving. (The pedal cars on the web are all lightweight, after stripping the car of all its heavy parts like the motor and gas tank, or just making a special vehicle (like the wike wicycle).
pashute, Feb 24 2010


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