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tunnel-vision warnings

animated traffic cones
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The other day, driving through a stretch of road-under-construction with traffic cones on both sides, I found myself getting a sort of tunnel vision as if I was travelling at warp speeds. Was only doing 30.....over the limit. This really tripped me out, so I had to slow down.

Surely there are those who dont slow down, and simply just trip out and cause an accident.

There should be graphics printed on cones like these, that when driving past over the speed limit, create a sort of flip-book effect and display a certain message, image, or cartoon instructing the driver to slow down.

This would only be seen when going what is percieved to be dangerously over the limit, and otherwise would not be visible when travelling at an accepted speed.

shinobi, Jun 12 2006

(?) NY Times http://www.sub-medi...times_sep282001.pdf
flip ads [CNIII, Jun 14 2006]

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       It sounds doable. You can make a lot of money on this invention, because especially inexpensive measures for safety are being seeked for by the traffic and transportation authorities, to prove they are doing something. (And in this case it might even help)   

       A child recently invented a simple sticker sign, to be pasted on the back of cars. It has three numbers on it. If you can read the number, you should be driving slower than that speed. (From the anual Israeli school inventiveness contest)   

       So I say go ahead and bake it. It'll be worth your while.
pashute, Jun 12 2006

       of course, there's no chance that people will deliberately drive over the speed-limit just to see this effect... is there?
anaeleus, Jun 12 2006

       Very interesting idea. There was some talk here of cutting groves in the road that produced an audible vibration through the suspension of the car which would be recognisable as human speach only when you were going fast enough and on top of them. This would be a visual version of that.   

       Not sure it would work around bends, but I guess long flat areas are the most likely to need it...
James Newton, Jun 12 2006

       The first thought that came to my mind is to make an animation that only looks right while driving the correct speed. I have no idea how to do that, but I don't see any way to accomplish the posted idea, either.   

       Anything that distracts a driver's eyes from the traffic is probably a bad idea. Something that tempts him to drive fast to see it, isn't good either. Whatever it is should kick in at the speed limit, not at a speed dangerously over the limit.
baconbrain, Jun 12 2006

       Each cone's image would have to be slightly different from the preveous and next cone. And they would all have to be in the right order, facing in the same direction.
BJS, Jun 12 2006

       "which would be recognisable as human speach only when you were going fast enough and on top of them."   

       What happens if you're reversing - is there a satanic message?
spinglespangle, Jun 13 2006

       // What happens if you're reversing - is there a satanic message? // Turn me on, dead man!
MoreCowbell, Jun 13 2006

       As interesting as this is how can you expect some yahoo making minimum wage to get these cones in order? Or what if one is destroyed or damaged. The likelihood is that it will never be replaced with a correct one. Interesting but too much a novelty to sell to municipalities.   

       I DO know what you mean about the rythmic flashing of the road cones. In the summers here there is a lot of interstate work going on (I drive 120 miles of interstate each day) and a long line of those extra large 55 gallon drum-sized orange and white markers can make my eyes go wonky. I wonder if they could vary the markings or color on them enough to break the flashing pattern?
MoreCowbell, Jun 13 2006

       They could all be numbered, and all the images could be stored on a computer database, and when one cone is missing or damaged, the image could be printed up, and stuck onto a "blank cone" to replace it.
BJS, Jun 14 2006

       The multiple image thing has been done by advertisers in New York Subways.   

       However I think the danger of this on a roadway exceeds any value the message might have. "hey honey what does that say?" " watch .... for..... stopped..... traff... CRASH!"   

       Sorry no bun for you today.
CNIII, Jun 14 2006


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