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ubbi dubbi communications protocol

different varieties of language guide purpose quality; research shows people have .5 2 as well as 8 second mental processes; use a time friendly language like ubbi dubbi to communicate
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research shows that fMRI of when ideas of purpose actually happen at a different time than the persons psychological perception of when they had a thought or preference [link]

thus different languages whether immediate, momentary, or gradual are differently felt as moments of being or qualia areas

thus the choice of language perceptual duration creates channel of meaning

I think hearing ubbi dubbi stretches meaning to be processed with a particularly kind friendly aspect of mind; thus speaking ubbi dubbi creates communication at a beneficial neurological (as the link suggests) channel of functional attention

beanangel, Apr 20 2008

Brain Scanners Can See Your Decisions Before You Make Them http://www.wired.co...08/04/mind_decision
You may think you decided to read this story -- but in fact, your brain made the decision long before you knew about it In a study published Sunday in Nature Neuroscience, researchers using brain scanners could predict people's decisions seven seconds before the test subjects were even aware of making them [beanangel, Apr 20 2008]

Wikipedia: Ubbi Dubbi http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubbi_dubbi
Add "ub-" before each vowel. [jutta, Apr 20 2008]

ubbi dubbi translator http://pbskids.org/.../zoom/ubbidubbi.cgi
[beanangel, Apr 20 2008]

person speaking ubbi dubbi http://youtube.com/watch?v=3Le7-kMQysI
[beanangel, Apr 20 2008]


       Your first paragraph's claim is familiar, but I don't get the rest.   

       What I get is "If people talked more slowly, they would be more aware of what they're saying." OK, perhaps, but you wouldn't post that as an invention.   

       What is "purpose quality" and a "kind friendly area of mind purpose", and why would one language have more than another?
jutta, Apr 20 2008

       I'm thinking that peoples immediate sense of (meaning feelings) known as qualia vary with anything from glances to words to gradual words to gradually processed phrases like ubbi dubbi   

       If people talked more slowly, Other people would be differently aware of what they are saying at a neurological level.   

       when I hear ubbi dubbi my immediate reaction to words is mild enough to permit friendlier communication   

       the link has a woman speaking ubbi dubbi; I only hear a meaning from her rather than a few when I hear english
beanangel, Apr 20 2008

       If you've ever heard Malayalam you'll know that this is not the key to greater communication.
marklar, Apr 21 2008

       No shizzle, Fo' rizzle?
Noexit, Apr 21 2008

       Language has long used redundant information to aid understanding in just about exactly the same way our communication protocols with different spacecraft do. Verb/noun agreement, complex verb cases, gender-specific articles, all aid understanding between peoples with markedly different pronunciations of the common tongue.   

       Much of this redundancy has been stripped away as language has become less localized and regional accents/variations become less extreme.   

       So, um, anyway, you're swimming in the wrong direction.
DrCurry, Apr 21 2008

       My God! This must be your seventh attempt to seperate from the other two. Good luck [Treon], I hope this one works!
4whom, Apr 21 2008

       I can't help thinking that, if only we could get a neurologist to look at all these postings....
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 21 2008

       ubokubay +
jaksplat, Apr 22 2008

       why not speak pig latin instead? if you really want to tap into those slow mental processes, speak pig latin and ubbi dubbi at the same time, ubelubikay isthubay. heck, why not just throw cream pies at each other to communicate via morse code? that would at least give the quick-witted ones among us something to do (eating pie) while waiting for everyone else to finish slowly expressing themselves via ubbi-pig-latin pie-code.
sninctown, Apr 22 2008


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