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Urban Dictionary For Sign Language

Hand slang
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There is the Urban Dictionary website for English.

What about for sign language? Surely sign language is changing quite a bit in an organic way that we should at least try to work out what is currently being used in the field?

mofosyne, May 17 2016

http://www.urbandictionary.com/ [mofosyne, May 17 2016]


       Slang is different from normal language. Part of slang's attraction is that it is different. Part is that only the "in" group can understand the slang. Writing a dictionary can simply cause a new slang to be developed that the normals don't understand.   

       Signing is different from normal language, but it exists mostly because it's users can't hear. The hand signs used to move aircraft are still because the ground personal and pilot can't hear each other.   

       So if the hand slang has one purpose a dictionary is a wonderful idea. But if hand slang is meant to conceal, writing a dictionary is pointless treadmill always documenting what it used to mean. Never what it means now.
popbottle, May 18 2016


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