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ultimate ice pack

quantum entanglement for a duct onto a polar environment
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I was speculating whether quantum entanglement can be crystallized into a macro object and was thinking that the universe is very large and very diverse. Under a very complex and unique foundry, yet to be found in humanity's little corner, a set of such crystals may have grown. Interstellar transport cost not withstanding.

If one half of the set can be placed in your refrigerator and the another in a very cold place then the energetics of the fridge will not just be local but have a entangled component.

I was imagining the energy would dissipate through the flipping entanglements in the standard fall. The duration of the effect would totally depend on the extraterrestrial formation.

wjt, Oct 13 2013

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       We've had these for years in England.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 13 2013


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