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ultra reff

a new way to pull somone out
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The idea is that a small on board chip will put the gun into safe mode until the ref unlocks the gun.

The chip would work on a radio frequency; the gun would get a special code from the reff' s watch/wrist band, which would be controlled by the reff. The reff would punch in a six-digit code, to the gun, and it would shut off. The player would then be told he was out and a large red light on his regular armband would flash.

This idea although probably not cheap would be great for large tournaments.

toomer34, Feb 19 2006


       Is this for paintball?   

       Wait, it is .... I checked the category header. Okay. Not a bad Idea; especially since it covers disabling the shooter and notifies other contestants to not waste shots.
reensure, Feb 19 2006

       I have a question for anyone who will answer (you don't have to if you don't want to)   

       If our ideas become reality do we need to delete them?   

       I ask because i was thinking of actually doing this.
toomer34, Feb 20 2006

       No you do not have to delete them. However if someone says marked for deletion with good reason (for instance widely known to exist) it is a good idea to delete the idea yourself (to save the moderators some work).
zeno, Feb 22 2006


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