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umbrella inna handle

stronger, drier umbrella
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instead of a spindly easily breaking shaft, the handle is a telescoping aluminium tube. when closing the umbrella the canopy collapses upwards, and retracts inside the tube. there'd be a plastic cap on a string that seals it (like a reverse pop-gun) - so no water draining all over car or office. haven't quite figured out how to have the canopy pulled inside the collapsing tube (hey this is the 'half-bakery' after all)
philmckraken, Jun 07 2004

(?) In-brella http://www.in-brella.com/Welcome.html
An "American Inventor" finalist in 2006. [jutta, Feb 24 2008]

(?) Andy Wana's Lotus 23, 2005 http://umbrella.tre...brella_a_better.php
Winner of the 2005 Australian Design Award/Dyson Student Award [jutta, Feb 24 2008]

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       That would be quite some tube, size of a basball bat? Would they (Ashcroft and cronies) let you into any public building with it dangling from your arm, or would you immediately be sent to camp X-ray?
kbecker, Jun 07 2004

       it's a telescoping tube remember - how small can you scrunch up an umbrella canopy? say 2 sections that telescope down to 25mm (1") dia by 200mm (8"); about the same size as existing collapsible umbrellas... but inside out!
philmckraken, Jun 07 2004

       [haf] yes that's right; a 25mm dia aluminium tube is much more resistant to bending & breaking in anything more than a light breeze than the crap-metal shafts with cut-outs for buttons currently used. and when folded away, no soggy umbrella flopping around & dripping water everywhere cos it's all sealed inside the handle! (of course you'd have to remember to dry it out later so it doesn't go mouldy & whiffy) and yes it's going to be more expensive, but this is a prestige product!
philmckraken, Jun 07 2004

       As the wet umbrella folds in on itself the excess water will have no place to go but out the end of the handle turning this into a one shot water pistol. Multi tasking (+)   


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