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valeting iron

it sweeps as it smooths
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irons are all very well and good for getting the creases out of clothes but sometimes clothes need to be brushed as well and this makes for another chore.

this valeting iron has several rows of little bristles which are deployed erect physically via a lever. when not required the brushes remain flat in narrow grooves running horizontally along the base of the iron.

after using the brushes, return the brushes back to their grooves; little combs remove the hairs from the brushes for you to pick out manually or shake to the floor. (lazy hussy!) the brushes can be completely removed for washing.

po, Nov 08 2003


       I am indeed a lazy hussy.
phoenix, Nov 08 2003

       From someone who actually finds ironing enjoyable and relaxing, I still applaud your idea. For the sake of energy savings, I am forced to dry whites and colored clothing together and usually end up with a bit of a mess. This would save that extra step in making my clothes look good. [+]
Klaatu, Nov 08 2003

       another hussy or is it hussah!
po, Nov 08 2003

       thought it was german!
po, Nov 08 2003

       I just realized *I* should probably be removed for washing. I'm getting a little fuzzy myself.
phoenix, Nov 08 2003

       ok done that - all cleaned up now phoe!
po, Nov 09 2003

       Hey. I have to say you are one sassy sexy lady!
The Kat, Nov 09 2003


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