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velcro wedding

The bride wore loops.
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A new kind of wedding ceremony, based on two partners wearing suits made from opposite forms of velcro, embracing, being hard to separate and easy to push down the stairs.
jutta, Dec 06 2000


       Love it!!

If the Bride wears loops and the Groom wears hooks, you could throw specially-made velcro confetti with blue hook pieces and pink loop pieces so that a big cloud of mixed confetti thrown in the air would stick to Bride or Groom depending on colour when it lands. Wonderfully tacky.
hippo, Dec 06 2000

       That wouldn't be very aesthetic.
cIEL, Dec 09 2000

       Then they could jump onto one of those velcro walls.. and take their wedding pictures.
batgirl, Dec 09 2000

       What wedding tradition involves pushing the bride and groom down some stairs?
Fletche, Dec 09 2000

       None that I know of (and I can see why - it sounds dangerous.) It was meant as a facetious threat.
jutta, Dec 14 2000

       Im in on the guinea pig idea. cute little critters...
darth_smoothies, Feb 01 2001

       As one smack dab in the middle of the delightful and wacky circus that is divorce, I wish the pushing-down-the-stairs bit had been done to me, just prior to proposal.
thedevilwiththegreeneyes, Jun 22 2001

       //and easy to push down the stairs.//   

       Now, that's funny, I'd watch that.
skinflaps, Dec 15 2005

       I felt like bumping this idea (now I can't get it off of me!)
phundug, Jan 06 2009

       //(now I can't get it off of me!)//   

       Did it work?
skinflaps, Jan 06 2009

       Vary Cool but after the first dance they would never part all day. Never mind that could be vary fun.
dev45, Jun 30 2009


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