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tightening wedding ring

you shall never escape!
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a wedding ring that tightens once it is placed upon the finger to keep it from ever being removed. what would be needed would be an elastic metal which is filled with liquid that vaporises when heated by the finger. The pockets of liquid that then escape allow for the metal to contract. a liquid-metal alloy might yield enough elasticity for this.
chickenninja, Aug 31 2007

http://www.heiniger...astrator/animal.cfm Like this [Texticle]? [the dog's breakfast, Aug 31 2007]

Bling rings http://images.wagst...3AFY88PFPOn0tnfSJ3A
The real (ink) rings are underneath [wagster, Aug 31 2007]

Burns from 12V power source http://www.medbc.co.../text/vol5n1p33.htm
**CAUTION** contains pictures of injuries. [Klaatu, Sep 03 2007]

Wedding ring injuries http://www.securite...html?id_article=510
"Injuries to fingers caused by wearing rings and wedding bands (also called “ring fingers”) are among the most severe hand accidents and are the hardest to treat." [Klaatu, Sep 03 2007]


       I think you've overlooked rubber as the obvious engineering solution.
Texticle, Aug 31 2007

       Are you planning to study your spouse's migration patterns, then?
jutta, Aug 31 2007

       I think you've overlooked the fact that your wife will pack her bags and leave you with or without her wedding ring. So, stick with it, tiger, but you get a bone for this one.
monk, Aug 31 2007

       My wife is married.
noncompliance, Aug 31 2007

       My wife is dead to me.
monk, Aug 31 2007

       [the dog's breakfast], yes, like those. Self tightening without the need for elastic metal filled with vaporising liquid / liquid-metal alloy.
Texticle, Aug 31 2007

       How about a ring that simply pulses randomly once a day? New age couples would love it as a constant yet subtle reminder of their devotion. The battery would run out just about the time you would get sick of it.   

       Oh, and I'll take one of those rubber rings too...
Aq_Bi, Aug 31 2007

       bad idea - cutting off the circulation is likely to result in an amputated finger. my ring became so tight I had to have it (the ring) cut off at the jewellers.   

       oh, and what [jutta] said - hee hee!
po, Aug 31 2007

       I had mine tattooed on. Same sentiment, less amputation.
wagster, Aug 31 2007

       I always wondered as to whether you had that done in the church wags?
skinflaps, Aug 31 2007

       Steel can shrink, too, if you heat it and quench it. Pity about the charred hand, though.   

       How about (low temperature) Nitinol? Put it in the freezer, and get it to shrink when it warms up to room temperature.
Ling, Aug 31 2007

       What ever happened to cigar wrapper rings and elastic bands? Oh yeah and pipe cleaners.
xandram, Aug 31 2007

       Nah, we did that years ago. In church we just exchanged big rings that hid the tattoos. (link)
wagster, Aug 31 2007

       Jam and or break a finger a few times and you'll never get your ring off.   

       Funny story, I bought my wedding ring in the winter, the wedding was in the summer. My fingers tend to shrink in the colder weather, so the ring wouldn't go on during the ceremony. I should have taken that as a sign.   

       Bone, for never letting me out when I'm ready to leave.
Noexit, Aug 31 2007

       They don't do this already?
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 31 2007

       The finger under my ring shrank as I got used to having it there, and I had to have it resized (down) several times to keep it from being unbearably loose. Something like this would have been nice if I could have controlled the shrinkage.   

       Better yet, what if we could expand and/or contract it when needed? In the arena of fantasy, not science, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to shrink it snug so it doesn't wiggle or spin, and then loosen it a bit if you need to take it off, or your fingers gain girth?
drememynd, Aug 31 2007

       But what do you do if you are working with tools that can damage soft gold? I take mine off when I am working with a file or saw or something. Flesh heals, jewelry doesn't.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 31 2007

       [g_c] white gold heals - the yellow/white gold has to be replated with rhodium every couple of years; the scratches disappear in the process!
david_scothern, Aug 31 2007

       Exactly, [jutta]. I want to see why my wife migrates downtown every other night. Perhaps a diamond-shaped tracker could be intergrated?
Shadow Phoenix, Aug 31 2007

       [Noexit] - Eponysterical.
anaeleus, Sep 03 2007

       Shirley an expanding finger would be simpler?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 03 2007

       I have seen numerous burn and traumatic injuries from wedding bands in my 10 years of working trauma. You should *ALWAYS* remove a wedding band before working around electricity or any moving parts. <link>   

Klaatu, Sep 03 2007

       "my ring became so tight I had to have it cut off at the jewellers" Shirley a surgeon {klaatu?} would have done a tidier job.   

       Do I get a prize for the first butt-ring related anno?
Murdoch, Sep 04 2007

       Surely thiss will use One Ring technology.
spidermother, Jan 02 2009


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