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Tracker Ring

What's your dot doing at her house?
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A wedding ring with a tracker implanted in it. Seriously, I thought this was baked, but apparently not. It would be a normal wedding ring, but with a tracking device implanted in it. The battery would recharge whenever it encountered a ring charger or a strong burst of interference (such as a radio jammer.) Perfect for certain couples. Could intergrate a crystal amplifier to strenthen the signal. Only problem I can think of is someone taking it off.
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 29 2007


       I just read [chickenninja]'s Tightening Wedding Ring idea. Looks like I could intergrate the technology, but I would need to find a really good kind of tracker that could stand up to that tightening process. I want the ring to be unremovable unless a certified "divorce" signal is sent to the ring by a court official (the tracker function could be nullified by the court in other ways as well, like a restraining order or an anti-stalker agreement.)
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 29 2007


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