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(subtile wedding)

why all the fuss?
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The subtile wedding is for people who don't like large gatherings of people, extreme expenses, loud noises or presents they didn't really want. Everyone dresses casually, it's heald in a living room, the bride and groom sit on the couch and exchange vows (no priest) they kiss. People clap softly, then order take-out of their choice.

Maybe the bride could have on a white shirt, just to keep things clear.

futurebird, Jul 09 2001

[DogEd]... http://www.dictiona...ict.pl?term=subtile
...you're not. [angel, Jul 09 2001]


       I made boullabaise for my own wedding. Isn't subtile a perfectly good, though somewhat archaic, spelling of subtle--the serpent was the most subtile of the beasts, or something? Maybe I'm mistaken.
Dog Ed, Jul 10 2001

       Waugs, you cooked, and had a pastor.
Exactly what kind of pastor? spaggettee, lingweenee or pennay? And why only one?
goff, Jul 10 2001

       All the married people please stand up.
benfrost, Jul 10 2001

       I respect other prople who may want to do this, but to me, it sounds about as romantic as a tax audit.
Sparki, Sep 25 2001

       Is futurebird a man, because I can't imagine any woman going for this. Even in poverty, most women would rather sell their car, furniture, house, husband or firstborn than go without a proper wedding. It's down to too much time playing dollies as a child.
pottedstu, Sep 25 2001

       1) She certainly doesn't look like one.
2) You appear to know a very limited subset of women.
3) Insufficient evidence for a causal link.
Lemon, Sep 25 2001


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