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bitcoin style global share in intergallatic motor development
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Even just for the novelty value, having a few warpies in coin draw will bring a glow in your heart when the FTL magic trick is finally designed and built.

The warpie is a purchased coin which generates funds that go to a global organisation that will research and build an engine to get humanity into the stars. Hopefully before we wreck the place too badly.

This organisation should be able draw from people and resources all around the world in a common united goal if we don't bicker about what colour the engine is going to be.

If the organisation does work out a physical process and becomes financially rich, warpies could be resold back to the organisation.

Initial prizes of warpies would be for organisation name and form/shape of coin.

wjt, Jan 03 2014


       The best way to go is nuclear (sp?) explosions and shock absorbers.   

       Anything else is theoretical physics you will be sponsoring.
zeno, Jan 03 2014

       Sponsoring theoretical physics is a good thing.
zeno, Jan 03 2014

       // The best way to go is nuclear explosions and shock absorbers. Anything else is theoretical physics //   

       Until somebody builds a full-scale working Orion drive, that too is theoretical physics.   

       Anyway, didn't Bitcoin just implode or something? This idea seems rather like tossing money into a black hole...
Alterother, Jan 04 2014

       Maybe sell something of use like a can opener or radiation detector. Coin and stamp collecting is dying a bit as the internet fills the niche people and places us nerds are curious about.
popbottle, Jan 05 2014

       Since light is a messenger, it would be nice to have some scientific instruments do a run outside our light cone, looking at the universe from another one. Just to check.
wjt, Jan 07 2014


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