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Why are you calling?
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With Siri helping iPhone users to communicate with the rest of the world, why not have a similar programme to act as your gatekeeper from the rest of the world?

whyPhone is a siri-like programme which interrogates incoming calls to weed out life insurance salesmen, debt collectors or elderly aunts, depending on who you were trying to avoid.

If you need a few hours to yourself, the programme could be set to 'sorry I can't understand your accent' mode.

Fishrat, Jun 03 2012

Too late, [Alterother], looks like somebody beat you to it... http://www.thestar....-appeals-conviction
"The bank, France’s second largest, has said Kerviel acted on his own" [normzone, Jun 04 2012]

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Fishrat, Jun 04 2012

       As one of my primary tasks in helping with the family business is answering the phone all day, I need this like you wouldn't believe. You must create it for me. I will rob the second-largest bank in France using only a ball-point pen to fund your company's start-up.   

Alterother, Jun 04 2012

       Blast! Now I'm forced to go with the Monaco plan! Where in the hell am I going to find forty-two female giraffes and a Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane on such short notice?
Alterother, Jun 04 2012


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