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Phone proxy

Your recorded voice saying "Yes, Mom", "uh-uh", etc.
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For those times when you'd rather be anywhere else than on the phone, how about a recording of your voice that pops in the appropriate responses so that you're free to do something else. It would use caller ID to identify the caller, and then respond according to parameters you've set. Mom: "Yes, mom." "No, mom." "How's Grandma?" gossipy friend: "No, really?!" "He said that?" Telemarketer: "Drop dead, you &*(^%."
kitsune, Apr 10 2001


       I only wish this was the case with mine (otherwise I wouldn't have thought it up)!
kitsune, Apr 10 2001

       yeah...uh huh....good idea....really!.....yeah.....I'm sure that others will agree......yeah....we'll all vote for it.....
Susen, Apr 10 2001

       I buld this once including personal menu's. the menus are verry iritating, you can asine extra sub menus to a incoming number. "press 1 if I know you 2 if i dont" type a shit. its real fun to play with.
postseti, Jul 19 2002


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