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word brain mapping

brain scan while the person speaks
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If a person reads a dictionary while hooked up to a brain scanner which regions of the brain are associated with which words and even which sounds can be mapped. This will allow some degree of mind reading of that individual using the scanner.

edit: it doesn't matter if the individual is thinking visually, tactually, phonetically, or otherwise: he's likely to activate similar areas of the brain the same time he repeats a word. Correlate and subtract areas activated by different concepts but the same sound for an idea of what areas are associated with the concept. Keep only those areas activated for a given sound for those sounds. Compare similar sounds created by different movements to isolate activation of neurons associated with speaking the word.
Voice, Feb 24 2011


       I have a cheaper, more low-tech solution: If, while reading [Voice]’s posts, I watch the birds outside the window, I can correlate their flight patterns with what [Voice] is thinking. This will allow me to predict [Voice]’s thoughts simply by watching the flight of birds.
pocmloc, Feb 24 2011

       I'm pretty sure very similar studies are being performed.
daseva, Feb 24 2011

       "That's funny, there doesn't seem to be any activity..."
RayfordSteele, Feb 24 2011

       hmm.... I don't think this would work. Further to what [bigsleep] said, I don't think of lemons, limes, cherries, apples, grapes, etc. etc. as all being remotely related to each other, except at a conscious pigeonholing level.   

       Even citrus fruits...   

       Lemons & limes have the odd double connotation of "cold refreshing drink" and "cooked fish additive", categories shared by ice cold water/soda/iced-tea/beer, and ketchup and cats.   

       Grapefruit (juice) is "stuff I take a quick shot of in order to boost my glucose level high enough to make the coffee", a unique marker, but more in the "medicine" category than "food".   

       Oranges are "evil bright cheery things best avoided". 'Nuff said.   

       In short, I think reading a dictionary could at most provide the brainwaves associated with the phonetics of the word.
FlyingToaster, Feb 24 2011

       And 'apples' are just vainglorious computers! Zzzzing!
daseva, Feb 24 2011


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