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word stats

most used words on Halfbakery
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Maybe a monthly tally of words to give the most used noun, adjective and verb.

Halfbakery, this month, brought to by the words grommet, trollish and energize and the number i.

wjt, Apr 25 2014


       I would like to see a list of the least used words... not including made-up words of course.   

       Such as;
Widdershins: 15 hits
Flabbergasted 12 hits
Discombobulate: 3 hits
Spelunk 1 hit...

       You had to buy those words?
//bought to you by...//
xandram, Apr 25 2014

       Yes, I did have to buy them with ATP.
wjt, Apr 25 2014

       // I would like to see a list of the least used words. // yes please   

       Widdershins 16   

       Flabbergasted 11   

       Discombobulate 4 Spelunk 2 Spelunker 2   

       Posting the stats will added one to the count... and most od the words will also have misspelled versions.
popbottle, Feb 14 2017


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