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work alarm clock

avoiding being caught sleeping on the job
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This would be a useful tool for those of us who work night shift and occasionaly have trouble staying awake during the slower times of the night. It would be a watch that senses your pulse dropping when you are falling asleep and slowly contracts enought to gently squeeze your wrist and after a certain period( say five seconds) starts to vibrate gently. It would have different settings to do other things such as buzzing loudly after a certain amount of time. It could also be set as an alarm so you would always have an alarm right with you. I also envision it being useful for people(especialy on night shift) who are afraid of falling asleep on break from work and not making it back in time.
Bane, Dec 01 2006

Nap Zapper http://www.napzapper.biz/index.html
[jtp, Dec 01 2006]

The Random Shocker The_20Random_20Shocker
Also to wake you up. [SparkBugg, Dec 02 2006]


       + I could have used something like this the couple of times I drove 20+ hrs.
Zimmy, Dec 01 2006

       Check out the Nap Zapper (link). It fits behind the ear and if your head nods too far forward, an alarm goes off.
jtp, Dec 01 2006

       another issue is that at most workplaces you do not want others ( supervisors) to know that you have been falling asleep. This would be hard to hide if you made loud beeping noises and had to grab you ear to make them stop.
Bane, Dec 01 2006

       My mom had a device installed that when she leaned her head too much forward when falling asleep it would hit her in the forehead. It was the computer monitor. It never failed to wake her up.
twitch, Dec 02 2006

       Great Idea, and a huge need, especially for driving. Your post inspired me to write about my similar idea, the Random Shocker (link to the left).
SparkBugg, Dec 02 2006

       // Can you get one that goes around your neck? //   

       What about one that goes around your.... umm never mind... I'll keep the rest of that idea to myself.   

       I don't think an in-car zapper is a particularly good idea. If you feel drowsy while driving, take a break. I've done some long haul driving myself and it truly is frightening to see 40ft articulated lorries drifting slowly towards the hard shoulder in front of your own vehicle. I can just imagine these drivers nodding off slightly and suddenly twitching across in the other direction when they receive an electric shock. Carnage!
Salmon Of Doubt, Dec 02 2006

       Yeah, the twitch is a particular problem. I'd rather go with the road recognition cameras.   

       Maybe there's a way where you can drug longhaulers so that, to them, they're sleeping, but they're really driving. Or am I going to far?
twitch, Dec 03 2006


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