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workplace strike synchronization app/service

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For workplace that engage in hostile behaviour against unionisation or collective action against a company. Talking to others may be a dangerous proposition to your livelihood.

Instead, you can try introducing them to an app, that allows for people to air their grievances.

If enough have issues, then a communication link between everyone can be conducted.

They can then start a strike threat campaign, which would send an anonymous letter to the target informing of the issue, how to remedy it, and how to contact the group.

If not solved by a deadline, a dice roll is performed. Each day it is not solved, would increase the probability of a strike.

If a strike is triggered, then everyone is informed of the plan.


The randomization is used to avoid strikebreakers.

The anonymous letter sending service is to preserve the privacy of the users.

mofosyne, Mar 27 2015

YOU CAN'T ScARE ME https://www.youtube...watch?v=eAzhz29eVec
im a stickin [popbottle, Mar 29 2015]

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       It's a great idea, but the company might soon get wise to it.
21 Quest, Mar 27 2015

       I like this idea. There should be a way of vetting people who claim to be workers, as managers/owners might install the app to spy or mess things up.
the porpoise, Mar 27 2015

       That's what I meant ^.
21 Quest, Mar 27 2015


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