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to handle your excess baggage
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you get to see some passengers not having more than a tiny backpack or a handbag when they board a flight...you also get to see people paying extra money for the excess baggage...

if you plan your journey well, login to www.luggageshare.com which is a portal for sellers and buyers of 'baggage allowance'

if im having extra stuff to carry...i visit the portal and drop a request asking for sellers of baggage allowance for the particular flight route on particular day...if someone else travelling on same day on same route does not have much luggage...he/she being a seller..can agree to carry my excess luggage under their permit...

also..if you are a seller..you can post online saying you have say 25 kilos of allowance for sale on such and such date and route of travel...and if u r lucky..u get to make some quick bucks

again at discretion of buyer and seller...they both need to agree on it...the seller can chose to inspect the contents of buyer's baggage if needed...and they need to agree on when and where to meet in the airport to get introduced to each other before making a deal...

so what do seller get...may be seller can leave the quote online...obviously the seller should quote lot lesser than what the airlines will charge for excess baggage...

and buyer gets a hassle-free movement of his excess baggage...for a good deal

once they reach destination, buyer and seller meet again and finish off transactions...

im personally not a frequent flyer...so not sure whether this model works...and moreover this runs on trust and mutual understanding...which again like i said can be left at discretion of buyer and seller...if either of them are not happy with the deal..big deal...buyer ends up paying actual excess baggage fee

ravi kris334, Aug 25 2011

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       Security is probossibly the biggest reason this wont ever work.
rcarty, Aug 25 2011

       A much better service would be a site that matches people by body size, travelling in opposite directions. Simply leave all your clothes in the airport for the other person -- no baggage has to be taken on the plane at all.
mitxela, Aug 25 2011

       That's a fun idea, you'd want to establish a dork index within your size group.
normzone, Aug 25 2011

       I would guess that airlines budget their fuel and whatever based on the fact that a good proportion of travellers under-use their allocation. If this scheme worked well enough, airlines would just charge to make up the revenue.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 25 2011

       // this runs on trust and mutual understanding //   

       Well, we're not saying that that's a critical flaw, but ...   

       [MB] is right about the revenue thing. What you gain on the check-in, you lose on the carousel.   

       Having said that, there are some eccentric individuals who carry a luggage weigher with them when traveling, and will place superfluous bottles of water in their luggage to make up the weight to their full allowance, just so they can get "full value" from their ticket ...
8th of 7, Aug 27 2011


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