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zero-G 3-D orgy

Three dimensional buckminsterfullerene orgy.
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Construct a large pressurized enclosure in orbit. Obtain 5 dozen willing participants of appropriate genders. Explain the structure of the Carbon-60 molecule.

Observe as participants organize themselves into a buckyfuck.

Myself248, Jan 05 2003

applet showing C60 structure http://jcrystal.com...POLYHEDRA/p_00.html
[egnor, Oct 04 2004]

Buckyball image http://www.washingt...mages/buckyball.jpg
[FloridaManatee, Oct 04 2004]

Another buckyball http://www.cnt-net....mages/buckyball.gif
show me what constitutes a "person"? [benlevi7, Oct 04 2004]


       The category's funny at least...
snarfyguy, Jan 05 2003

       The geometry seems a little hard to manage. As I understand C60, each carbon atom is connected to three others in a nearly equilateral arrangement.   

       Maybe you can hire FarmerJohn to draw us a picture? Ahem.
egnor, Jan 05 2003

       Geez guys, join the 21st century. You are correct to deduce that a completely heterosexual buckyball is impossible.   

       However, it is obvious that if you want to populate the entire sphere with homosexuals, what is proposed can work. If you want a (partially) heterosexual buckyball, you'll have to have at least a few bisexuals in the mix. Just doodling on a buckyball diagram here, it seems to me that 10 bisexual males and 10 bisexual females would do the trick. So 1/3 of the people in the ball would be bisexual, the other 2/3 would be heterosexual.
krelnik, Jan 05 2003

       Go Culigula go.   

       I was more concerned with physical orientation than sexual orientation.
egnor, Jan 05 2003

       Could the physical orientation problem be fixed if you used centaurs?
Jezzie, Jun 01 2003

       I've read that this can end up being quite messy.
Zimmy, Jun 01 2003

       I never was good at science but, I'll help clean up the mess, if I can help make it. When does the space shuttle depart ? ? What is bisexual male and/or bisexual female aren't they/we about the samething? Shoot I guess I'm not any good at biology either.
rayraycrs, Jun 02 2003

       so its not a recipe then? I require a diagram.
po, Jun 02 2003

       hay guys join the milleneim , what you need is babylotion and the game twister and you could get more than one shape for half the mess.   

       p.s. isn't gravity wonderfull!!!!!!   

       BY ramcrow
rayraycrs, Jun 02 2003

       Yah , ramcrow what goes up must come down
rayraycrs, Jun 02 2003

       Yes, each individual must have 3 bonds. Assuming a bond must comprise of a inny and an outy bit, we must assume all must be female. Except me. In the middle.
FloridaManatee, Jun 02 2003

       Yes, this must be demonstrated. We need buckyballs composed of nubile space lesbians.
Madcat, Oct 22 2003

       You're looking at it all wrong. Visualize the participants as the bonds, not as the vertices. Then each participant interacts with two others at the head connection, and two others at the groin connection. Each spreads legs along the bodies of the participants at the groin connection, both to facilitate access and to appropriately complete the resulting image. Of course, you'd have to increase the number of participants from 60 to 90, and the determination of the appropriate sexual orientation mix is left as an exercise to the discerning reader.
spammityspam, Jan 02 2004

       could each bond be a person? think oral...
benlevi7, Jan 05 2004

       Seems like an aww-fuck lotta work to knock boots. I guess I am old-fashioned, but where is the enjoyment in all of this? The idea seems to focus on the mechanics of sex. What do you do for foreplay, or postplay? I'll pass, thank you. [-]
Klaatu, Jan 05 2004

       Lol...thanks grayure.
Freefall, Jan 05 2004

       an orgy is an anything goes, uninhibited type of thing. this on the other hand is so structured, that it sounds more like a ritual-tantric sex activity.   

       But a zero gravity orgy? Cool.
-wess, Jan 06 2004

       I'm more interested in the possibility, suggested by the title, of an orgy NOT in 3D.
mrthingy, Jan 07 2004

       what is the use of an orgy if its not 3D??
babyhawk, Jan 07 2004


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