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Post-break-up Bonsai

What to do with the little heads you cut off from pictures when the relationship’s over.
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My friend recently broke up with her boyfriend. I’ll be making her a very special gift for Christmas this year.

Directions for gift: Assemble bonsai arrangement and keep the middle portion empty. Glue little head [there will be lots strewn all over after a break-up] to popsicle stick. Make a little bump in the middle of the pretty bonsai arrangement and stick popsicle with little head in.

Hopefully, it'll cheer her up a bit, and when she gets over him, she can simply pull out the popsicle stick head and add another feature to the arrangement. I will include a miniature arbor trellis with a swing or a gazebo for future use.

I tried to make a picture, please see link.

pyggy potamus, Dec 06 2007

(?) break-up bonsai. http://iampyggy.goo...athtokermy-full.jpg
[pyggy potamus, Dec 06 2007]


       So you're friends with Miss Piggy?
lostdog, Dec 06 2007

       //So you're friends with Miss Piggy?//   

       i wanted to put a picture of David Hasselhoff, but i didn't want to offend his fiercely protective fan club, they scare me. :)   

       //That's Myss Pyggy to you, DOG!//   

       ha! thanks. :)
pyggy potamus, Dec 06 2007

       So the picture in the middle is an image with your friend's ex? Doesn't that turn the arrangement into an altar of some sort? I don't get it, you put a simple image in the middle? no darts? no painted bloody wounds? just... the face?
sweet, Dec 09 2007

       Meh, it gives you something instead of staring at your suddenly-empty social calender [+]
xxobot, Dec 09 2007

       //Doesn't that turn the arrangement into an altar of some sort? //   

       well, that little bump is supposed to look like a grave [i am still learning how to draw stuffs on google sketchup, sorry if it isn't that clear]...   

       it's an aid for "mourning", closure as some would put it.   

       for her to bury all the pain that she associates with him, instead of doing destructive things which she might regret later on...... like stalking him and his new gf, or stewing his bunnies like glenn close in fatal attraction, i figured this would be a more dignified way for her to get over him.
pyggy potamus, Dec 09 2007

       //it gives you something instead of staring at your suddenly-empty social calender//   

       someone should look for ways to stop our social calendars from emptying, it sounds like a bad thing. :)
pyggy potamus, Dec 09 2007

       great, ill have two! [+]
sweet, Dec 09 2007

nomocrow, Dec 10 2007

       I was thinking a bonsai with little head shapes on it that you place the picture on, then prune them off when the time comes.
rascalraidex, Dec 11 2007

       //then prune them off when the time comes.//   

       hahaha i like it except that it would pain the bonsai needlessly, and i happen to like them. :)
pyggy potamus, Dec 12 2007

       I meant when the time comes to prune the bonsai, not time to cut someones head off.
rascalraidex, Dec 12 2007

       oooo! yes, that's a cool idea too. thanks! :) [will do this for friends who take years to get over someone, very bonsai]
pyggy potamus, Dec 12 2007

       The illustration looks like a Kermit the frog luau party raft made out of golfcourse.
daseva, Dec 12 2007

       [daseva] i was going for a grave and that little head picture cut-off is supposed to be a picture of past good times that's why it's a smiley picture - i am horrid at drawing, i'll try to do better next time.
pyggy potamus, Dec 12 2007


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