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Real blind dates

for those of us who need to lower our standards
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How many times have you found that the only people who seem to like you are just way to ugly for your tastes and none of the people who you think are hot seem to go for you all that much? Perhaps the terrible truth is that you might have to settle for one of the ugly ones for a bit because (*gasp*) your not all that hot yourself.

Well, at any rate in the early stages of learning to love said ugly person (who probably thinks of you as an ugly person too) you would go on real blind dates... you'd both do things with each other that don't involve looking at each other. Maybe a "dark" amusement park could be built, dark restaurants, and dark pool halls.

Then after falling in love with the gorgeous person inside of the ugly person learning to live with their ugly mug would seem like a small sacrifice for true love.

futurebird, Jun 30 2001

Hot Date Panties http://www.halfbake.../idea/Sultana_20Bra
Your hand down the front of a blind date's blouse and only dried fruit to follow. [benfrost, Jun 30 2001]

A variation http://www.sensationzone.com/
Believe it or not but this kindof exists [boboy, Jun 30 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

kindof exists as in, is looking for pledges. http://www.sensatio...vestmentpledge.html
With about $2,900,000 left to go.
The more orgy-like gay version of this concept, a darkroom, has been around for a while. [jutta, Jun 30 2001]

Why women should *not* go on blind dates http://www.funs.co.uk/comic/43.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I know it's not right when it gets too damn quiet, so what would be nice to know are a few polite ways to tell your 4µ²-mate that s/he "couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel."
reensure, Jun 30 2001

       //"couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel."//
I love this!
angel, Jun 30 2001

       Are you ugly and available?
yunohu, Jun 30 2001

       Isn't this essentially baked already by common practice? 'Romantic' restaurants are dim (even attractive people often look more alluring in dim light). Nightclubs and bars are not only dim, but they're incredibly noisy so you can't tell if your date has an annoying voice or makes inane comments.
wiml, Jul 01 2001

       Why settle for a dark room? You could ease your way into the relationship by actually putting on a blindfold. It'd be a great ice-breaking date and bonding experience as well. Both of those involved would have to keep the blindfolds on the entire night of the first date, stumbling around the restaurant and so forth. Then, maybe on a second or third date, there could be a big moment where you both remove the blindfolds in a dark room to gaze for the first time on each other's shadowy faces.   

       Actually, I think this might make for an entertaining television show, too. Instead of just watching people on a normal blind date, put them on a "real" blind date. Put blindfolds on them and have them stumbling all over themselves trying to eat and watch a movie or whatever they can come up with.
smizzou, Jul 02 2001

       I'm with you on the mask vrs. blindfold thing for keeping the face unknown, but I'm pretty sure I could tell Claire Forlani from Delta Burke despite the best efforts of a Monk and his robe. Maybe refridgerator boxes with eye slats would leave even more to the imagination?
dadada, Jul 03 2001

       I read the title and I thought it was going to be about a dating service for people who can't see. They're probably the people who can best not care about what a person looks like. <Although I do love the scene in Sneakers where Whistler is reading the Playboy in braille>
MuddDog, Jul 03 2001

       I promote the power of sight to dates as well as all dried fruits!
benfrost, Jul 05 2001

       Well my mind was totally in the toilet I guess compared to all of you.   

       I thought this suggested a "dating service" featuring attractive blind girls (my choice) and guys (for the ladies).   

       A sighted escort would deliver the "date" to the appointed location, make sure the persons and place looked safe, go over the rules, and then go wait in the car/limo for dinner, fun, games to occur/complete. For that matter, you could ride around with the blind hotie in the limo and play - for the safety of all.   

       Great/fun way for a blind person to make a lot of money.   

       I know; shame on me! Eh, it's an idea - that's all.
walligan, Jul 05 2001

       And if you hadn't annotated it, we'd all have forgotten about it.
angel, Jan 04 2002

       Baked - It's called alcahol.
Zircon, Feb 11 2002

       Or 'alcohol', the English spelling...<grin>
StarChaser, Feb 11 2002

       I wuz duonk when i rote thot. With a beutiful grill at the time though....
Zircon, Feb 12 2002

       It's called the internet chat room.
a76marine, Aug 04 2002

       Yeah but chatting aint like real contact, even if your blind folded
Icarus, Nov 29 2002

       Actually I was looking for a website I was automatically signed up for when I signed up for its partner site that had blind date in the name. I came across this in the search and thought it was another of those single sites, but on the subject you've been talking about, blindfolding and all that it would never work. Its liek internet dating. You get to know each other and feel like this could be the one and you get a picture in your head of some kind of beauty or stud depending on your gender. So when you finally meet the real thing, the person may actually be above average and attractive but because they don't fit your picture and don't quite measure up, then you automatically get dissapointed and begin to forget about how you felt before you really knew what they looked like and feel they are less attractive than they really are. Jeopardizing what could have actually been a great relationship had you seen each other first, then got to know each other. What the one person said about blind people actually being the only ones who don't worry about looks I'd have to agree with. Though even blind you can feel flaws. Knowing whether someone was overweight or something but I think they'd at least be less judgemental. I believe personality is most important, but you also have to feel an attraction. If you don't, no matter what they look like then u can't have a relationship. Liking someone's personality you are not attracted to is a friendship not a relationship.
sunsetatdawn, Jun 01 2003


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